Our approach to interior design differs from other firms as we are committed to conserve Malaysia’s unique traditional elements and promote them to a global audience. We believe that it is our responsibility to incorporate these design principles and concepts together with our client’s expectations to produce completely innovative designs. This is what sets us apart from other designers.


By being a company registered as a Grade G3 contractor with CIDB, which is eligible for projects worth up to RM 1 million, it qualifies us to expand beyond consultancy and into construction. This means that the client can rely solely on us for complete design and build
services. The client will benefit in terms of
· Reduced time spent on the tendering process
· Reduced cost as no other third party will be involved
· Having a single point of reference which will ensure efficient project supervision and management


EA Alam Reka design service is a collaborative, and problem-solving approach to design with continuous attention to the details of the project as they grow.
Our solution makes an impact and stand out from the crowd. The design team are very dedicated to delivering strategies and creative solutions into a business’s most valuable asset, the brand.
Great design always delivered by strong passion, intelligence and personal commitment which is demonstrated by our own team to give you the best problem-solving as you evolve.


EA Alam Reka have been around since 2008 and have developed much, being trusted by corporate giants and government agencies as; Samsung, University Malaya, Petronas, Maybank, TNB, TM, DBKL, Malindo Air, Menara 238 and many more! Our main mission is to help the community to identify the potential of each interior area with a concept that they’ve been dreaming about. We will make it happen for you. I first begin the business as an interior design consultant, then we developed as a main contractor with a CIDB G4 certification serving corporate and residential clients. We then feel it’s vital to join-venture into a glass / timber / steel semi manufacturing factory in Sg Buloh, as it is cost effective and sensitive toward our growing clients. As time goes on, we branch out a department, Hunal Media and Advertising, as most of the clients would want us to handle their brand and consult us on their advertising materials, now that they’ve got a new interior look. Finally, due to high demand in our residential clients, we recently launch our exclusive product, mamy HOME, a product that focuses only on residential ID consultancy and builders. Find us on our facebook for more info.

  • Interior Design 90% 90%
  • ID Builders 80% 80%
  • Media & Adivertising 75% 75%
  • Customer Happiness 90% 90%




Creative Managing Director

A talented designer that has spent a lot of golden times in designing, formulating design concept, re-branding and management. A lot of experiences involvement project such as residential, corporate office, government project, commercials, including hotels & resort, bank and shopping mall. In a world of interior design and architecture, he is taking so much challenging in a fields of design to be the best designer among the best.



Project Director

A dedicated leader at EA Alam Reka, Husni has an DIRECTOR extensive background of interior design projects. From house developments to hotel and retails, Husni has played a key role in leading and delivering project management in interior design throughout his career. He has the ability to reduce complex problems and requirements to simple elegant solutions that delight. Innovation, creativity and energy are the cornerstones of Husni’s success. He leads a team that has amassed many accolades for diverse projects across sectors.